Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday:

Our daily struggles and our failures do not encompass who we are. It is how we overcome these obstacles that make us the true person inside.
It is not the accumulation of material possessions, nor the goal we did not meet. 
These things are forever changing, temporary situations in life, like the changing of seasons, the passing of a cloud, the sand upon the shore. Who we are, our essence lies within us. How we weather the storm, bathe in the sunlight, laugh-or not, in the rain, and evolve with the ebbing and flowing of this wonderful thing called life, that make us who we truly are, and who we are to become.


  1. Inspiring stuff, thank you.

    It’s so easy to feel gloomy under a solitary cloud, which will pass by momentarily. But, that’s just a part of life which can help us appreciate the blue sky even more.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. That is truly inspiring! Thank you, I needed that right about now.

  3. It is so easy that's for sure, and Heather, I need to remember these words lots of times too. :) Thanks for your kind comments guys.

  4. Thanks I needed this post. I've been struggling with NaNo and haven't had time for my friends. Miss talking to you! :D