Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunrise as experienced by a loon.

Hello, just a warm thought on a cool day:

A warm, swift breeze ruffles my feathers, disrupting my slumber.
The leaves on the tree above me flutter, twirling like a ballerina.
The familiar tinkling of the wind chimes on the log cabin behind me; seemingly echoing
against the mountains that surround me like a cocoon. The Willow is my safe haven.
Branches hang down around me in my nest, like wax dripping from a candle. The serene lake
placed beneath the mountains sits tranquil and quiet. Soft mist floats across until I can
taste its flavours. I watch as light begins to dance across the inky lake. It skims across it like a
benevolent friend. I give a loud hoot at the magnificent mountain top.
The familiar orb of fire floats from behind it, ascending into the summer sky. The magical hues
of reds and oranges burst like a tasty tangerine invading the darkness.

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