Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bayside daydream

 Sometimes wherever I am, I write about what I see and let my imagination take over.  I love the water and the tranquility of it all.

Sitting dock side, fine merlot in hand, I watch with fascination the passing ships.
They seem to speak to me as they go by. I imagine what conversation they would have, if possible.

 The fishing trawler anchored off shore; its countless sea miles worn upon it like the
wrinkles on an old woman’s face. It gazes somewhat jealously at the sleek and youthful
speed boat zipping by. Creating a massive wake, it shakes the trawler from its envy;
 admonishing the show off in an authoritative, scornful voice. The speed boat ignores it, like a

defiant teenager.
     I chuckle, sipping my wine, feeling the misty air upon my face. Sun light shimmers against
the bay creating a kaleidoscope of color.
      Hearing loud rumbling, I look to see what is causing the commotion. It is two jet skis,
dancing over the waves made by the troublesome speedboat,  like playful dolphins.
     Three sail boats, their masts lifting from the wind, glide by, gathering momentum.
They taunt one another in their amazing race.
     “I’ll win!” screams the one named Knot For Sale, edging ahead.
     Amazed, I behold a grand ship enter the bay, majestic and proud.  Even the trawler observes
with admiration.  At sixty feet, it sits magnificently upon the bay, commanding respect. Straining
my eyes, I read the colorful letters upon it.
Sweet Serendipity. I reflect on the meaning-something pleasant happening by chance; good Fortune.

Smiling, the irony not lost on me, I savor the last of my wine.
“Aye,” I whisper aloud.


  1. Read this last night and then went out and stocked up on Merlot. I'm JD, I look forward to your next post.

  2. Thanks JD, That's so cute. Merlot is my favourite. It just is so Mellow. Mellow merlot. :) Glad you liked.