Friday, November 11, 2011

Positivity begets positivity

Your heart is heavy and negative thoughts multiply as you stumble down the path endeavouring to find your way home. Overgrown weeds reach up and twist around your ankles, threatening to tug you down, making you their own. They sprout up among the in-between places once filled with only cobblestone rocks; the same rocks that have always guided you to your safe place beneath the stars.

The wrought iron lamp posts cast eerie shadows where fairies once danced in shades of iridescent colors. You count the rocks as you go, steadying your breath. If you are sure of one thing it is that there are 97 rocks to your street. And 68 more steps to your front door. 

Your haven.

If you are careful you will not disturb the trolls that linger in the tall grass beside the trail. Or the demons that whisper in your ear.

In the distance, silhouettes shift on moonlit hills. They seem to beckon you toward them and away from your path, like an unstoppable foe—taunting and spiteful. The darkness closes in swiftly like a flame on a match caught in a rush of wind.

But beyond the hills, the big dipper sparkles atop the familiar, red gingerbread roof. The demon's voices become muted.

Fifty steps and your white picket fence illuminates under the star-filled sky. The weeds release its tendrils.

Ten steps more and laughter seeps out the front window and kisses your cheek like a long lost friend. The silhouettes behind you dissipate as mist into the chilly night air.

I want to tell you that your life is like a shining, rare gem, a mouthful of cotton candy on your tongue, freshly cut grass in your nostrils, and angels singing in your ears.

Positivity begets positivity.

Find a little piece of heaven in your life and hold on one more day. Bless.


  1. Beautiful, girl :-) I love the line about life being a mouthful of cotton candy on your tongue. I just adore that image.

    <3 you!

  2. That's absolutely beautiful. There were days as a child that I felt that way walking home, as the sun started to set and fear rose up. It was both magical and frightening. This brought it all back in vivid detail. Lovely!

  3. Thanks, Heather, it reminds me of when I was little too, and my imagination would run wild. Wait... who am I kidding? It still does. LOL

  4. Shannon, I am ALL ABOUT *positive energy* and I love this post. So well written and such awesome sentiment. I will link to this in the near future. Thanks for posting.

  5. Aww thanks, Chris! =) You made me smile.