Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magical Moments

Seashells and white sand spread beneath my feet,
a cottage nestled on jade-coloured grass for a weekend retreat.
Laying in a meadow under the bloated white moon,
a butterfly’s release from its empty cocoon.
Lovers first kiss, a hug from a friend,
the hope that these things never come to an end.
The vibrant colors of fresh autumn leaves,
the intricate web a spider magically weaves.
The wonders of life seen through children’s eyes,
scents of wildflowers and fresh apple pies.
The majesty of a sunset setting the sky aglow,
 sparkling dew, a shimmering rainbow.
Whispers on the wind delivering good news,
saying hello to the return of your much needed muse.
Laughter and smiles shared with friends,
unforgettable moments on which you can always depend.


  1. That was beautiful, both the poem and the pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Lovely poem, Morgan. Fitting pictures to boot!

  3. Gorgeous! You need to think about putting a book of poetry out one day

    Love it :-)

  4. Thanks, Rach. You just made me smile! :D And I need that today. ;)

  5. You did it for me, both articulately and visually… nice, thx for sharing!

  6. aww thanks, Jeff, and to you, too, David. Big smiles on my face.