Monday, December 13, 2010

A gift from the heart

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday--aways has been--always will be. I love the bright lights on all the houses, the angels and reindeer strategically placed on the snowy ground, the decorating of the soaring tree and trinkets throughout the house. Let’s not forget all the amazing food and watching my son open his presents on Christmas morning. Mostly, of course, I love how families get together, sharing laughs and great conversation while Christmas tunes ring throughout the house. My whole extended family is getting together this year which is especially exciting! 
With all the hustle and bustle, parties, making lists, searching for that elusive parking space, maneuvering through malls, wrapping and baking, it’s easy to get side tracked and forget about those less fortunate. We can easily pass by the charities who tinkle their bell, hoping for a dollar or two, giving of their time freely to help the needy.
While driving with my husband recently, we were discussing that we should really start donating to a couple of charities. My personal thoughts were for our local children’s hospital and for abused women in shelters. We spoke briefly about it, and put the thought away for another day.
The VERY next day while going through some papers my son left out from school for me to review, I came across a very interesting one. It made me freeze in place. It said that his school was teaming up with the local women’s shelter this Christmas and was collecting items needed for donation for these troubled women and their children. The feeling was sorta like going down a roller coaster and--my heart stopped a moment--or at least it felt that way. Really? If that wasn't a message sent from above, I’m not sure what would be.
Needless to say, I went out that day and collected a couple bags of items I thought would be needed and sent them to school this morning with my little guy.
I think the point is, that while it was the push ‘I’ needed--that gentle reminder to not just think, but do, we should all endeavor to make the gesture. Some gesture. We certainly can’t give to everyone and we all can’t give a lot. It doesn’t need to be. A dollar or a wrapped present for a child who probably wouldn’t receive one, or even a gift of your time--helping to serve food at a soup kitchen for example. It doesn’t even have to be at Christmas. 
Then, while you are sipping some eggnog and opening a special present, you can know that this Christmas, you made someone smile too. And that, my friend, is the best present of all.


  1. Well said, that is definitely the best present of all! Thank you for that beautiful reminder. :)

  2. If you watch the news this time of year it's all about 'black friday' and 'retail numbers'. It's easy to forget just what this season is all about, thanks for the reminder. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for passing by! It is definitely easy to forget.

  4. I read on twitter that someone bought a hot chocolate for a bell ringer. I can't walk by a bell ringer without dropping some money in the red bucket. It's very important to remember that if everyone gave just a little bit, it would add up to a lot. Thanks for sharing, Morgan, and Merry Christmas to you and your family! :D