Saturday, October 30, 2010

My inspiration

Watching my son play soccer year round for our city’s rep team and then seasonally with his school team has got me to thinking about the spirit in which my son and many other children play. A lot can be learned from them and as much as I try to teach him things, he often teaches me too.

His school team, not having as many resources to pull from, are sadly, but true, a weak team.  It doesn’t help any that the team is made up of grades four to six boys and girls and we most often play against all grade six boys.

I am proud to say though, that my son doesn’t let that get him down, and it is his amazing spirit and tenacity that inspires me. Giving it his all despite being down 3-1 or whatever the score, he fights for the comeback-running, passing, shooting and often scoring-never giving up. Playing his sport of soccer to his own personal best.

Watching him today really got me to thinking. A lot of times, we as adults give up when the chips are down; when our goals haven’t been met as quickly as we’d like and we feel we aren’t winning at whatever it is we are attempting to achieve. I know it is important to be a fighter and to never give up on yourself, even when things aren't going your way and all looks lost, because victory could be just around the corner, or the next corner. 

So, whatever your passion and goals, whether it be writing to meet that deadline, sending out that next query or meeting your own next personal goal, remember the many kids who so truly believe in themselves and that never give up. Strive to be your own personal best and mostly remember that anything is possible-because anything is. Dream it, reach for the stars and then follow-no chase your dreams!


  1. Children can teach us an awful lot, if we’re prepared to learn. Still seems easier said than done sometimes though. Which is all the more reason for inspiring posts like this. Thank you.

    Dreams, here I come . . .
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. Awww thanks and yes it is definitely easier said than done sometimes. :)

  3. Very inspiring! Being a writer means never saying die! Great post =)